Pencil Roving


Pencil Roving is also called pin drafted roving. Pin drafting is aligning fibers parallel before it goes to the spinning frame to be made into yarn. This is a thin strand of wool and can be thought of as a super bulky, untwisted yarn. It can be knitted as is or can be drafted a little before knitting. It will make a super warm hat or cuffs of mittens. Pencil Roving can also be used in spinning, needle and wet felting, Nuno felting, tapestry weaving and other textile arts.

The Merino Pencil Roving is super soft at 19.5 micrograms.

The Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) is soft, strong, and quite easy to knit.

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Pencil roving makes soft, warm and squishy hats. It also makes great mitten cuffs, and you can use it for thrumbed mittens.

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