It is safe to say, my go to yarn is sock yarn for a variety of projects. The term sock yarn is used interchangeably with fingering weight yarn. According to the Standard Yarn Weight System (Craft Yarn Counsel), sock yarn is a superfine yarn and is listed as a 1 along with fingering and baby. The yarn weights in this system range from Lace (0) to super bulky (6). Sock yarn is typically a plied yarn that can be made up of various types of wool blended with nylon or bamboo. You can also argue, sock yarn is any yarn you intend to knit socks with.

The attributes I think of when I think of sock yarn are:

Fingering weight

Machine washable because the wool is superwash

Resists felting

Strong with the addition of nylon, bamboo, or silk



Nightingale Fibers has 2 sock yarns – Ernestine and Patricia. Ernestine is a 2-ply yarn with Superwash Merino and nylon. It is a perfect combination for socks and results in a soft, somewhat plump fabric. Patricia is a 4-ply yarn with Superwash Blue Faced Leicester and nylon. Patricia is a little thinner than Ernestine, and is perfect not only for socks, but also lace projects. Eddie is a fingering weight yarn that can easily be used for socks, the 50% silk adds sheen to the yarn, but also strength to the knitted fabric.


Sock yarn can be held double to be used in a project that calls for a thicker yarn, such as sport or DK.

Like this hat:

Shift Along

By: Andrea Mowry

Drea Renee Knits






I love knitting shawls and sock yarn is perfect for that. The patterns usually call for a larger knitting needle than you would use for a

thin yarn, so the project goes quickly, and the lace is open and airy. Sock yarn has a nice drape, usually has a good amount of yardage per skein, and, with the addition of nylon or silk, the garment holds up well.




By: Tin Can Knits

Knit with Nightingale Fibers Patricia




Sock yarn also makes great sweaters, those fine stitches make a beautiful fabric.


By: Tin Can Knits

Knit with Nightingale Fibers Ernestine

Oh, and of course, you can knit socks.  I do knit socks; they just take me a long time. And then there is the Kitchener stitch!


What should I knit next?



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