6 Inch Double Point Knitting Needles


Seeknit Bamboo Knitting Needles are made in Japan by Kinki Amibari (KA) of high-quality Japanese Bamboo. The needle size is laser printed on the needle for convenient reference. 


Bamboo is a renewable resource in Japan.

The needles are durable, flexible light and warm to touch, making knitting with them an enjoyable experience.

Additional information


Size 0 (2mm), Size 1 (2,25mm), Size 2 (2.75mm), Size 3 (3.25mm), Size 4 (3.5mm), Size 5 (3.75mm), Size 6 (4mm), Size 7 (4.5mm), Size 8 (5mm), Size 9 (5.5mm), Size 10 (6mm), Size 10.5 (6.5mm)