Buttons are a wonderful, and often necessary, addition to clothing. As a knitter, I am always looking for those special buttons to finish off my project. A large button on a felted purse or knitted hat can really make a statement. A line of colorful buttons is a fun way to finish a cardigan. New buttons can also be used to freshen up store-bought clothing (think denim jacket), add character to pillows, accent a pocket or use in your next craft project.

Incomparable buttons are special and unique. These colorful buttons are made by a company in South Africa that employs local women to hand make and paint the buttons. The company is committed to using environmentally friendly material. The result is a fully washable (it is recommended to turn item inside out), ceramic buttons for knitters, sewers and crafters.






The company was started by founder, Jennifer Pascall. Working around her kitchen table, she transformed small pieces of ground stone and clay into buttons of all shapes and sizes. As the company grew, she employed local women. The first designs were inspired by Africa’s rich ethnic art, colorful flowers and wild animals. Some of her early designs are still popular today.

To take a line from their website: “When you have put so much effort into your lovingly handmade items, why settle for plastic?”

Why, indeed!